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This Week’s Events

Even though it’s a shortened holiday week, there’s still a lot going on in the neighborhood. Here’s a few things you might want to check out:

Tonight at 6:30pm: Sustainable Central District – Join a group of environmentally-minded neighbors to discuss how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle in the CD

Wednesday at 9:30pm: Live Music at the Bottleneck – Mosey on over to Madison and hear Eli Rosenblatt perform his song about rabbits and more

Friday at 6:30pm: P-Patch Planning – Want to do some summer gardening? Join the team from the 25th & Spring P-Patch to start planning how to turn that corner into a neighborhood amenity.

0 thoughts on “This Week’s Events

  1. Perhaps not mentioned because it’s a regular event, but Chess night at Thompsons is still occurring every Wednesday.. starting around 7:00.

    Bring your board and play some neighbors, there are varying skill levels present, and everybody is friendly and helpful to hose who want to polish their game.