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Shooting Last Night 24th And Cherry

There were multiple shots fired last night around 2:30 am 1:30 am near Nova High School‎ on East Cherry. Several witnesses saw people running across Cherry into the Garfield Playfield across the street shortly after the shots were fired.

This morning I talked with two Seattle Police Department officers that were looking for shell casings, or other evidence on 24th Ave. The officers told me that an arrest had been made, and that everything was “under control.” They didn’t offer an other information, as they were quite busy checking the bushes for evidence.

Does anybody else know any information about these shootings?

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  1. I heard about 17-18 rounds around 1:30ish. Must be the shooting season again. “hot fun in the summertime”, everybody hang on and keep your head down.

  2. I don’t have any information, but I’m pretty sure I heard it even from several blocks away. I think I counted 7 shots-it sounded very much like fire crackers. I could hear a lot of activity in general last night.

  3. Thanks for reporting this. Our contacts in SPD will be back in the office tomorrow, so we’ll try and get more details then.

  4. I live on the West side of 23rd and Columbia, and i heard several (more than 10) very loud pops around 1:20 or so. They set off several car alarms. My first thought was gunshots because none of the pops occurred at the same time, but when I went outside everything was very quiet, no screaming, no cars speeding away, and no police sirens. I looked East up Columbia towards 24th and just saw the usual folks hanging out in a garage and none of them seemed to be concerned, so figured maybe it was firecrackers or just celebratory gunfire. Good thing those bullets never come down! … Oh wait….

  5. FYI – There’s still a lot of people off at SPD, so we’re having trouble getting more info. We’ll do a new story when we do

  6. It was definitely gunfire, and not the police. Several cars in front of our building on 24th have bullet holes in them.

  7. How you no it wasent the police?Do you work for them?Have thay ever shot anybody in your family?Do you trust that ther all fair,an rightous?You’ll be serprised to no that thay kill black men,kids,an women even when unarmed in the Central,an everywher else abroad..Check the record never in the history of the Seattle police have thay shot an killned a unarmed white man..Ever..I believe civil-disobedience is necesssary,if not civil-defence will end up being the next plan of action!!