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neighborhood watch proposal

This morning around 9:30 I went to Safeway Starbucks and when I returned to my home from where I work I was startled to see a woman on my porch who looked like she was up to no good. She claimed she was changing her clothes behind an opened umbrella but I did notice a pipe and lighter in her hand. I immediately showed her the way back to the street and informed her I am always here and next time I will call the police.

I live on 26th and East Howell. I think it’s time to initiate a neighborhood watch program. Does anyone know if there is one in existence in this area?

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  1. We have a block watch with block “captains” for the sections of 1400, 1500, and 1600 of 24th. It would seem more beneficial if you had a more localized blockwatch for your specific area. I think most of us who are out and about are all part of a larger “neighborhood” watch group. It wasn’t too hard for our groups to get started.

  2. I’m not being cyncial, but can someone explain to me the purpose and effectiveness of a “block watch”? How is this any different than hoping and praying my neighbor will be home, see a prowler, and call 911?

    For the past few weeks someone has been dumping their garbage in my cans, even when they’re pulled way back from the street, between houses. While annoying, it alerts me to the fact that people are free to walk onto my property day and night and no one sees them. I’m worried someone will eventually try for my TV so I’m curious if I should organize my neighbors for our own block watch.