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Dual Stabbing In Yesler Terrace

Early this morning at about 4:20am, a man called 911 after finding a woman bleeding from stab wounds in his apartment doorway at 110 8th Ave in the Yesler Terrace housing complex. As police were responding to that call, a man was located nearby at Broadway & Yesler, also bleeding from injuries inflicted with a knife.

Both were transported to Harborview with life-threatening injuries.

According to Mark Jamieson of the Seattle Police Department, authorities believe the two incidents are connected and possibly the result of domestic violence between the two individuals. Homicide detectives are on the scene, continuing with the investigation.

We’re trying to find out more and will update this as we get new information.

0 thoughts on “Dual Stabbing In Yesler Terrace

  1. The P-I’s CD boundaries are the most amazingly flexible things! We sometimes are the largest neighborhood in all of Seattle…sometimes even the world. Neither of the locations mentioned actually fall within the recognized boundaries of the CD according to the P-I’s OWN WEBTOWN SITE FOR US. Lame!

  2. The area this occured on is First Hill- Adjacent the Hospital Districts. . It is the start of the C.D. Regardless of information, they are both lucky to be alive. That area and CD area needs to be cleaned up. Maybe the kids will come back to being able to play safely