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Supporting Thompson’s

We’ve had several discussions here where long-time residents of the CD have expressed their feelings about how the neighborhood is changing and taking their traditional sense of community along with it. Another aspect of this is the impact on long-time family-owned businesses in the neighborhood, who suffer when their traditional customers move away. And too often the new arrivals ignore the older businesses, making the problem even worse.

And I’ll be honest – I’m part of the problem. I’ve lived here for 10 years, but have never eaten at one culinary institution in the CD: Thompson’s Point of View. Years ago I heard a single bad review from a friend and then I just never gave it a chance, in spite of living within a 10 minute walk from the restaurant.

So I was interested to see a recent blog post over at hugeasscity where Rachel describes her recent positive experience there. They had great food, good service, and plan to go back.

If you’ve been to Thompson’s, tell us about your experience on the new review page for them. And if you haven’t, add it to your eating-out list and try to get out and support our local businesses.

And P.S. – Is Wednesday chess night still happening?

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  1. I’ve been to Thompson’s around 3 times since moving to the CD from Capitol Hill last summer. It is delicious! Great service and yummy food. The hush puppies are particularly addictive. A group of neighbors went there for dinner before one of the Wednesday night walks last fall and I imagine we will do so again once the walks resume. They always have expressed appreciation when neighbors come in to eat.

  2. To those that have been there, would you advise kids or no kids? It’s tough for us to get out at all — and when we do, we usually have young ones in tow. Is this a suitable place for the (well-behaved) five-year old set?

  3. I’ve been there a couple times with some neighbors and their kids. The bar is in a separate section from the restaurant. There are quite a few kid friendly items on the menu as well.

  4. Is the menu veggie friendly? I could eat hushpuppies all day long but that’s probably not too good for me.

  5. I’ve been to Thompsons a few times. I have also lived down the street from Thompson’s for 12 years. They need to do a much better job at enticing us the neighbors to patronize this restaurant. As I remember the food wasn’t anything special nor the service. Also, I don’t think they have updated anything in that building in along time. There are plenty of good restaurants within a mile of Thompsons that I would much rather spend my hard earned money to eat at. Maybe they are not as local as Thompson’s, but they are only blocks away, (Boom Noodle, Eliysan, Crave, Cafe Presse, St Clouds, Via Tribulia, Madrona Ale House) so if I am going to take the family or friends out to dinner, I would much rather go to a nice welcoming space with good food and good service. Until the owners of that restaurant and the surrounding buisness owners and building owners do something to make us the neighbors welcome, I will take my business elsewhere.

  6. Come on Peterg. You only live three blocks from Thompsons. You need their seafood etufe to soothe your soul. It is delish!!

  7. Peter G you are what is the NEW problem with the CD. If you wanted to live in Montlake or View Ridge, you should get a better job and leave us alone.

  8. I have been a long time resident here (30 years) and “Long Time CD Resident” is wrong, your better job and leave us alone comment is a backward red neck attitude no matter what race you are. It is people like you that maintain that Ghetto image here. Maybe you need to visit Montlake and View Ridge and learn to tolerate diffrent human experiences.
    Peter, you are right, there is an attitude and it needs to change if business is wanted at long time local resturants and other businesses.

  9. …word is they’re on the verge of selling out to another local establishment/restaurant/pub who’s been on the lookout for a new location since his bldg. is a year away from being torn down and redone.

    Or at least satisfy your curiosity while there’s still time!

  10. A few thoughts about TPOV and some of the previous comments:

    Thompson’s is what it is, local soul food made and served by a place with very low overhead. I think you’re missing the point if you expect TPOV to have a nice interior like Boom Noodle or the degree of subtlety you might find at St. Cloud’s. TPOV is an authentic vestige of what life in the CD used to be like. If you go in there, go in with an open mind.

    BTW, since this is a community oriented site, could we all dispense with the name-calling and attitude? I’m talking about “Long Time CD Resident” and “eyes”. We all live together. Let’s try to get along. I’ll start by putting my full name on this post (and yes, that’s really my last name).


  11. I think TPOV is a great thing to have in the neighborhood, it is a gathering place for many many people. Chess night is one example of something that wouldn’t be possible without their presence.

    I also think their spicey chicken wings are mighty tasty!

    Mistamatic, where did you hear about what I imagine is the Twilight wanting to buy them out?

  12. Thanks for your comments, Don and Nic. I’m glad the chess is still happening; I haven’t been able to go the last few Wednesdays – maybe I can get there tomorrow night.
    I love the food at TPOV. I guess I’d call it comfort food. The service is usually good but not fast; the slowness could be because we often arrive as an unexpected large group. The prices are very reasonable. I recommend it for a casual meal, especially if it’s not going to be around very long (would be interested in hearing about it’s future as it develops).

  13. I’m the Rachel who wrote the blog in “Big Ass City” on Thompson’s. I would agree with a lot of the comments here. Thompson’s is not the place for everyone. I guess the best way to compare it would be this way: think of all the Ethiopian places around 27 and Mlk / Cherry. Now compare them to Soliel, the Ethiopian place up in Madrona. The ones down in the valley are homey and gritty, but Soliel is a nice place with atmosphere. All are good, but the former set is a bit more down and dirty-not to mention cheaper. If you want soul food on the cheap without a fancy atmosphere, try Thompson’s. If not, head north to Kingfish. You’ll spend about 3 times as much for the same food with a much nicer presentation. But sometimes it -is- nice to eat somewhere that is elegant and inviting. That’s ok. I don’t think we have to white / liberal / etc guilt ourselves over this.
    I guess my main point was that I want to have places that are three blocks away. I want my community to be accessible by foot, and I don’t want to be scared where I live. So I try to go to the nearby restaurants, movie theater, and coffee shops. That said, I too will head farther out for a good meal; I just wish I didn’t have to.
    I keep hoping this area will become more like Colombia city. There seems to be such a strong sense of community there.