“Multiple Casualty Incident” on Lake WA Blvd

Not sure what’s up but I’ve never seen the label ‘multiple casualty incident’ used on the real-time page before. News helicopter is making a racket. My first thought was a bike accident.

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  1. We put together the bits and pieces of that as it unfolded (all the way to the bottom at 6:23pm):

    And cdguy drove over to get pics, but the powers-that-be wouldn’t let him in without a press pass.

    What a mess, and what luck that none of the Garfield kids were more seriously injured. I’d love to know how a professional driver missed the signs, flashing lights, and obviously low clearance for a huge bus.

  2. MCI is typically defined as “more patients than a single firefighting crew of four can handle.” By practice, any incident with three or more patients turns into an MCI. The classic Seattle MCI was the Metro bus off the Aurora bridge back in the 90s.