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Central Area Neighborhood Plan Stewardship

October 15, 2007
By Adrienne Bailey

The Central Area Neighborhood Plan Stewardship is looking for members of our community to help update, amend and make additions to our Neighborhood Plan. The Central Area Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 1998 to address our goals and desired growth and development of our community. According to the Cityâ??s Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) â??. . . neighborhood planning groups proposed specific improvements for their neighborhoods, and many of these recommendations have been incorporated into the work programs of City departments.â??

The Stewardship is meant to: Coordinate activities, ensuring collaboration and eliminate cross purposes, provide a forum for residents, community councils, other grass-root groups and organizations and business owners to act together on issues important to the future of the Central Area, like our quality of life and to keep track of zoning and other developments that can affect it. Taking ownership of what takes place in our community is imperative and your input to our Neighborhood Plan is needed, so we can document and bring our concerns and issues to the cityâ??s attention. Weâ??ve already missed one opportunity, lets make sure we donâ??t miss any more.

In 2004 as required by the GMA (Growth Management Act) the city adopted a series of amendments to its Comp Plan extending the 10-year review period of the plan from 2014 to 2024. Prior to updating the Cityâ??s Comp Plan, there was no effort to update the Neighborhood Plans, we were only asked to prioritize it. Quite a bit has transpired since our plan was adopted in 1998, there is a great need for our plan to reflect these changes and make it more consistent with the Comp Plan. Without updating our Neighborhood Plan, some portions and/or aspects of the information in the Cityâ??s Comp Plan relating to our Neighborhood Planning either are obsolete, completed or missing more vital and relevant information. With all the development taking place in other parts of the city it is time for the residents of the Central Area become pro-active in making the city aware and accountable to our goals, concerns and desires.

The updating, amending and making additions to our Neighborhood Plan, will be done by the committees formed under the Central Area Stewardship. Those committees will be related to, but not limited to the following issues that are in our current Plan: Land Use and Open Space (zoning), Urban Design (streetscapes, public art), Economic Development (development and revitalization of business nodes, job creation, employment, workforce development), Housing (housing diversity, home ownership, market rate housing, gentrification), Transportation (pedestrian safety, traffic flow, neighborhood streets), Human Development (youth, community building and safety, health, education) and Infrastructure (maintenance, water service, drainage, electrical, telecommunications). Under the Stewardship these various committees will collaboratively write up the updates, additions and amendments to be submitted to city council in accordance to the amendment process and then monitor the progress of the actions taken on our Neighborhood Plan. There is be plenty of opportunities for all to get involved and participate at whatever capacity you chose. So, come make your voice heard in making a difference in our community. For more information or to express your interest you may email Adrienne Bailey at [email protected].

Central Area Neighborhood Plan Stewardship meets at 6pm, the first Thursday of the month at Garfield Community Center (2323 E. Cherry St.)

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