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CD Scanner – 4/14

From Monday, April 14, 2008

10:11am – 2900 block of E Spring – a woman was bitten by a neighbor’s dog

10:54am – 1100 30th Ave – Family disturbance – a man and his girlfriend are arguing

11:40am – 1200 block of S Jackson – Disturbance – a man is trespassing and refuses to leave a restaurant

11:41am – 1000 block of E Denny Way – Harassment – a resident is complaining that his overhead neighbor is harassing him by dropping things on the floor

11:52am – QFC on Broadway – daily shoplifter is in custody

12:08pm – 700 block of 37th Ave – Disturbance – two neighbors are arguing and fighting

12:16pm – 20th and Jackson – Robbery – an officer was flagged down by a man who said a robbery just occurred. The victim is a white woman with a black jacket who was last seen chasing four males, the suspects. One suspect is a black male around 13 years old with blue jeans and a backpack. Update: an officer has found the woman and one of the suspects and is questioning them.

12:57pm – QFC – shoplifter in in custody

12:58pm – Swedish Hospital – a man in custody for shoplifting in the cafeteria

1:57pm – 23rd and Jackson Starbucks – a man is claiming that two men removed rifles from the trunk of a black Acura and are sitting with the rifles in the car. Update: When police arrived no guns were found. The call originated from the Quick Pack at Jackson and MLK. Police could not locate the caller.

2:38pm – 300 block of 19th Ave – a residential alarm has been triggered, broken window

2:41pm – 600 block of Broadway E – Disturbance – man at a museum is refusing to leave

2:51pm – Seattle U Parking Garage – security guard is holding two men for trespassing

3:30pm – QFC on Broadway – man is fighting with security

4:50pm – 500 block of Minor Ave – Disturbance – a 26 year-old transplant patient is physically fighting with her mother

5:25pm – 23rd and Cherry Am/Pm – Disturbance – a woman is camped out in the doorway refusing to leave

5:36pm- Goodwill – shoplifter in custody

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  1. Thanks Ryan, thats really cool and its something that will come soon, we just haven’t had the time to make the necessary changes to the back-end to do this. Right now only one location can be attached to a story and we plan to make it easy to attach as many locations as needed. It is something that we definitely need. We hope to have this done by mid summer.

  2. Nice job, love the map. Might want to insert another dozen flags at the goodwill though. I hear the shopliftin’s great there. :)