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CD Scanner – 4/11

From Friday, April 11, 2008

10:26am – 1700 block of 18th Ave – Drug activity – two men and one woman doing drugs in the alley. Suspects are a black male, white male, and white female, all in their 40’s.

10:33am – Rainier and S Weller – an auto accident with injury blocking traffic. A citizen is attempting to direct traffic. Southbound traffic is completely blocked.

11:05am – 900 block of Federal Ave E – Theft – police received an alarm notification from a residence, and a call from a neighbor reporting two men loading a white car with stolen wire.

12:40am – Goodwill – Disturbance – a man bought a knife and is waving it around. He is wearing stolen shoes and looking at other merchandise. (they have knives at Goodwill?)

3:16pm – 21st and Union – Drug activity – two men are selling drugs on the SE corner, black male, red hat, dark jeans, black male, white hat dark jeans

3:57pm – 1100 block of S Jackson – Shoplifting – people have stolen meat and are loading it into a blue pickup. Suspects are an Asian male and black male.Update: the getaway pickup’s battery is dead. : P

6:10pm – 25th and Spring – high woman wandering in the street

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