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CD Scanner – 4/10

From Thursday, April 10, 2008

11:21am – 1700 block of E Cherry – Disturbance – two men are fighting in a parking lot, one is armed with a metal pipe.

12:07pm – Polyclinic on Broadway – a silent alarm has been activated, and a phone line has been cut

12:12pm – 23rd and Alder – Possible prowler – a man appears to be prowling cars, he was seen reaching into a car window. Suspect is a black male, 6’0 ft.

12:51pm – Bank of America on 4th – silent hold-up alarm was triggered

1:05pm – 400 block of Pine – Disturbance at a business – a suspected shoplifter is causing problems and refuses to leave

2:30pm – 1400 block of E Union – Family disturbance – family members are at a residence arguing over ownership of the property

2:41pm – 12th and Yesler – Disturbance – two women are fighting. Update: this was actually a robbery of a purse. The suspect is a white woman in her 30’s with dark hair wearing a hoodie last seen heading West on Yesler.

3:24pm – 20th and Union – Drug activity – a group of people are selling drugs. Police found pot and lots of cash on the suspects

3:34pm – 19th and E Aloha – Disturbance – a bicyclist and motorist are arguing

4:43pm – 10th and Yesler – attempted strong arm robbery, suspects are black males in late teens, early twenties, one has black hoodie, one has white hoodie.

5:02pm – 24th and Union – man walking around with a rifle. Suspect is a white male in no distress, just walking.

5:10pm – Tops Elementary 2500 Franklin – man outside of the fence at the playground suspiciously watching children

5:12pm – Goodwill – daily shoplifter in custody

5:14pm – 14th and Spruce – two men selling drugs, suspects are black males in their 20’s

5:33pm – 10th and Fir – Suspicious activities – two men appear to be waiting

5:37pm – 600 block of 20th Ave – Burglary – a man was seen going through the window of a duplex. Suspect is a black male in his 20’s.

5:41pm – Goodwill – shoplifter escaping in a Subaru Legacy East on Dearborn, police have plates

6:26pm – 15th and Prospect – Disturbance – man burning paper

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