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CD Scanner – 3/6

Another crisp, sunny spring morning of scanner updates:

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  1. I know this is somewhat entertaining but it is humiliating for a section of the city to have this occurring over many decades and be the only part of the city where it does (think containment zone). Lets think bold and give city hall a mandate to end 80% of this criminal crap in 6 months. Weed and Seed has and can do it if we are pro-active. If city refuses to cooperate we sue!
    Ask yourself, would ANY OTHER part of the city( black, white yellow red or whatever) put up with this ?!?11?

  2. In fairness, we only listen to the east precinct, so we may be giving a false impression of crime around here vs. other places in the city. I think you’d hear very similar stuff in any of the other precincts. In the north you’ll get all the excitement of the U-district, Aurora, etc. West precinct definitely has more action in the downtown area. And the South and SW precincts have plenty of trouble spots.

  3. Capt Paul McDonagh has said that the South Precinct is by far the busiest in the city. And then you have to take into account that these are only the crimes that are reported.