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CD Scanner – 3/31

From Monday, the last day of March 2008:

9:40am – 1401 E. Jefferson – Woman called from cell phone, screaming, saying she was involved in some kind of disturbance. Then she hung up before they could get any more info. Police did an area check and found a couple arguing at 20th & Jefferson, possibly related to the earlier call. Black male early 20s, red fedora, black female 19, blue sweatshirt.

10:25am – 914 E. Terrace – Narcotics activity – Man smoking drugs in the alley. Black male, 50s. Update: 11:57am – This was just assigned to officers to investigate

10:47am – 540 16th Ave – Domestic Violence – Domestic violence victim is in the Swedish ER, and the man who assaulted her just showed up as well. Man is being uncooperative, standing outside the door of the room where the victim is being treated. Tall, balding black male with a 6-yr old child in tow. Update: There was a misunderstanding in the hospital: the man was there to see someone else and didn’t have any connection to the victim. The victim is also refusing any further contact about the issue, apparently preferring to suffer in silence.

10:48am – 10th & Alder – Strong-Arm robbery – Witness saw three people hold a man down and go through his pockets, took his phone and cash. Assailants, 2 black males & 1 black female, ran off northbound on 10th. Victim, white or hispanic male in his 20s, walking southbound. Update: 11:31am – SPD is only now assigning 2 units to go check this out. I’m guessing that both parties are now long gone since it all went down 45 minutes ago. Update: 12:15pm – SPD did find the victim and got some updated descriptions of the suspects: Suspect 1: 18-20, 5’10”-6′, 170# with Black ski cap or do-rag. Black jacket, dark pants. Suspect 2: 18-20, light skinned, gray hooded sweatshirt. Another officer reported seeing people matching that description get into a car and drive northbound on 10th in a gray caprice with dark tinted windows.

12:18pm – 510 24th Ave S. – Crew cutting down trees without permit

12:19pm – 2113 E. Olive – Gypsies – Subjects living out of a white ford van.

12:25pm – 13th & Marion – Car Prowl – Smashed car window of a blue ford focus. Witness is following the suspects, now headed east on Columbia. 2 black males, 40s, one with sweatpants with gold lettering. Suspects are associated with a white ’84 cadillac sedan. Update: 12:30pm – Witness has given up his pursuit and returned home. A patrol officer reports seeing the suspect vehicle traveling southbound on 25th past Jackson. License plate for the vehicle comes up for a vehicle registered in Rochester WA. Update: 12:36pm – Suspect vehicle located unoccupied in the 500 block of 25th Ave S. A witness says the vehicle occupants possibly went into a house on that block. Officers are going to attempt contact. Update: 12:51pm – Police made contact, are going to bring the witness over to ID the suspects.

12:47pm – 600 block 32nd Ave – Burglary – Caller got a message from his alarm company, saying that his basement motion had been tripped. A neighbor investigated and saw a suspicious red van parked in front. Caller requests SPD investigate.

1:45pm – 1103 E. Spruce – Disturbance -Subject inside threating employees and destroying furniture. Female, 16 years old

1:57pm – 1600 block 27th Ave – Burglary – 2 black males, 18, walking between houses and around the black of them, possibly casing for burglary. One wearing a red coat. Police responded and found a victim who’s house had been broken into in that block.

2:41pm – Bellevue Place Park – Property Damage – 2 males tagging walls of park. White male, 14 skateboard and black male, 14, skateboard.

2:44pm – 11th & Terrace – Armed Robbery – Suspects stole ipod and cell phone from the victim. 2 Black males, 18-20, involved, one brandishing a knife and with a puffy jacket with cammo pattern. Suspects last seen southbound. Other has black jacket, yellow/pink/blue highlights & hood.

2:53pm – 14th & Union – Vehicle/pedestrian accident

3:24pm – 1400 S. Lane – Shoplifter in custody. Hispanic male, no ID

4:21pm – 220 Broadway E. – Threat – Man selling Real Change newspaper threatened to burn down a bookstore

4:43pm – 15th & Republican – Narcotics Activity -Two adults smoking drugs as they walk eastbound on Republican. White male, 50s, beard. Black female, tall & chubby with slacks.

4:52pm – 17th & Republican – Narcotics Activity – Man selling drugs on the corner. People drive up, he gets in, takes a spin around the block, and then gets back out at his corner. White male, black hat, zip-up fleece jacket.

5:13pm – 1100 block Lakeside – Complainant is housesitting, and just came home from a walk to find the front door open. He hasn’t checked inside, and is hoping that police can come and put his mind at ease.

5:19pm – 300 block 21st Ave – Caller is reporting an elderly Korean female who is disoriented and doesn’t know where she lives. Turns out it’s an 82 year old woman with dementia. They’re having trouble finding where she belongs due to the dementia and translation issues. Update: 6:24pm – Police found her home and she’s now back with her husband.

5:42pm – 325 Harvard Ave E. – Narcotics Activity – Black male 20-30 in a black jacket, White male 20-30 in a blue hoody, White male 20-30.

6:13pm – 1400 20th Ave – Burglary – Complainant got home to find the alarm going off and a basement window broken. The alarm company said that it had just gone off, and she’s concerned that there may still be someone in the basement

6:22pm – 21st & Union – Narcotics Activity – 2 black males selling drugs on the corner. 1 in brown jacket & jeans, other in dark down jacket and jeans.

6:44pm – 900 block 20th Ave – Female yelling hysterically, just repeating the address over and over again. Complainant is calling from next door, says that neighbor assaulted her. The suspect has climbed onto a balcony and is threatening to jump. Black male 33, black leather jacket with a dragon on the back. Suspect has now left and is headed east on Union. Update 6:49pm – Officer has found the suspect in the 21st & Union convenience store. (that place is becoming a real plague on the neighborhood).

6:48am – 1×00 block 17th Ave – Possible Rape – Male is in the bedroom trying to and has raped the caller. He lives in a neighboring apartment. He is still in the bedroom with her, standing beside her. Suspect is a white male and can be heard in the background. Update: 6:55pm – Police arrived and found the victim alone in her room.

P.S. to the current dispatcher on East Radio: We’re huge fans of your clear enunciation, flawless diction, and calm, authoritative style. You’re the best in the biz.

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