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CD Scanner – 3/25

All the action from Tuesday, March 25th:

11:28am – 1110 23rd Ave – Disturbance -Two groups of males are congregating on opposite sides of the street, appear to be preparing to throw down. Each side has 8-10 black males, mid 20s. Police arrived 2 minutes later and found no sign of them.

11:35am – Broadway & Olive Way – Fight Disturbance – Four younger men are threatening to fight on old man in front of Rite Aid. The old man has “raised his dukes” but no one has thrown a punch yet. 4 white males, early 20s.

12:03pm – 115 Broadway E. – Parolee shooting up inside a Honey Bucket behind Dicks Drive-In . A search of the suspect revealed a dozen needles with residue, 50 clean ones, and 3 crack pipes with residue.

1:22pm – 1237 S. Jackson – Accident near the Saigon Deli – The drivers are in a verbal dispute, and one of the parties is refusing to exchange information.

1:38pm – 1741 Belmont – Male dealing out of vehicle. Caller says he’s there almost every day. Black male, red pontiac firebird

2:18pm – 1403 Broadway – Shoplifting – Female in custody at Bartell’s

2:36pm – 104 12th Ave – Vehicle collision with injuries

3:16pm – E. John & Summit – Man headed westbound, suspiciously checking car doors as he goes

3:25pm – Bellevue & Republican – Caller just caught a transient male going into a secure apartment building, attempting to pry open a secure door. Suspect left southbound. White male, late 40s, green jacket.

3:28pm – 1900 block of Lynn Street – Caller reports a suspicious man going door to door selling magazines. After he left, she saw him peering into the windows of neighboring houses.

3:53pm – Eastlake & Roanoke – Hit & Run – Green SUV backed into the victim and then took off.

5:04pm – Man panhandling in front of Dick’s, refuses to leave. Black male, wearing all black

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  1. What exactly does “throw down” mean? (I can guess, but I’m not familiar with the phrase.)