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CD Scanner – 3/24

From a bright & sunny Monday, March 24th:

10:30am – 1401 Broadway – Shoplifting – Adult male in custody at QFC for shoplifting

11:45am – 1100 block E. Spruce – Caller is there to take a child into protective custody. Would like police to stand-by as she does so

12:08pm – Broadway and Cherry – car vs bicyclist accident, unknown injuries.

12:58pm – 700 block 16th Ave – Resident got home after a week-long vacation to find his apartment lock had been changed, evidently with his stuff left inside. He says he has not been evicted. The landlord is on the premises but refuses to answer his door. Update: 2:47pm – Complainant got into his apartment via an unlocked window and found that it had been burglarized by a neighboring resident. He’s now in a verbal dispute with the landlord over the b&e.

1:59pm – Broadway & Terrace – Narcotics Activity – 3 in a silver van, appear to be doing drugs

2:39pm – 2301 S. Jackson – Shoplifting – Juvenile male in custody for shoplifting at Red Apple

2:44pm – 23rd & Union – Officer stopped with a suspicious vehicle at liquor store

2:50pm – 115 Broadway E. – Man standing outside near DIcks Drive-In with his pants down. Would you like a shake with that?

2:50pm – 1819 E. Republican – 4 subjects near the Walgreens, appear to be under the influence of drugs. Appear to be exchanging things. possibly drugs. White female, 3 males of unknown race.

3:53pm – Broadway & Harrison – 2 guys fighting – no weapons seen. One got in a truck and left, other was wandered off on foot.

3:56pm – 11th & John – Possible DUI Driver – Headed westbound on John, all over the roadway. Black female with cast on her arm driving a white cherokee.

4:54pm – 1130 23rd Ave – Physical fight at coffee stand in Post Office parking lot. Black male, black clothing and black female, striped shirt and capri pants. Large group is surrounding the coffee stand.

5:28pm – Broadway & Harrison – 2 guys fighting (again) – Indian males, 30s, No weapons seen.

5:33pm – 2000 block E. Yesler – DV Disturbance (scary girlfriend) – Son’s ex-girlfriend is waiting outside the gate. Son refuses to come home until she leaves. Girlfriend is a black female, 23, driving a dark burgundy 4-door car.

5:36pm – 23rd & Union – Fight Disturbance – 2 people fighting, about 20 people gathering around to watch. An officer says he’s at that location but doesn’t see any fight.

5:40pm – 1420 18th Ave – Neighbor sees two males casing a neighboring residence, peering into basement windows. Unknown race male, long black hair. No description on 2nd. Officer arrived quickly and has the two suspects in sight.

5:47pm – 2000 E. Fir – Fire responding to a woman who is locked out of her house with the stove running

6:00pm – 1807 East Hamlin – Burglar on board a boat at Seattle Yacht Club. White male, blond hair, over 6′ tall, red backpack. Man was seen going from boat to boat. Update: 6:07pm – Harbor patrol and several police units responded and found that the man was a worker painting the boat in question.

6:08pm – 100 block 27th Ave – Man was outside taking pictures of some of the children playing.

6:39pm – AM/PM 23rd and Cherry – an intoxicated man with pants pulled down is harassing customers.

6:49pm – Goodwill – adult male shoplifter in custody.

0 thoughts on “CD Scanner – 3/24

  1. I’ve noticed this is now the big hangout for people looking for trouble, by the way. Lots of young men, nothing to do, not drinking coffee or buying anything from the business.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the news and up to date postings. Very cool indeed. I walked home along 23rd tonite, was very peaceful and did not encounter any pantless men :)

  3. Man with no pants at Dicks – priceless.

    Re: the man taking photos of children. As a photographer I am bothered by and weary of people feeling they need to call the police about this. The odds that someone photographing children at play is a pervert (or that someone photographing a bridge is a terrorist) are 1,000,000,000:1. The world is NOT full of terrorists, perverts, and boat-burglars. It’s mostly full of nice folks.