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CD Scanner – 3/18

From Tuesday 3/18:

9:58 am – Rainier and I-90 – Suspicious man taking pictures of the structure

10:04 am – 500 block of Broadway – Drug activity – a group of men are using drugs and drinking from open containers.

10:05 am – 23rd and Jackson Walgreen’s – Drug activity – a man is selling drugs outside (“For your convenience we now have a Pharmacists inside and outside the building.”)

10:53am – 100 block 20th E. – Property Damage – Man just threw a rock through a house’s window. White male, tall, slim, balding. Walked off southbound

11:01am – 100 block 15th Ave – Employment Disturbance – A request was made earlier this morning to have police on hand to keep the peace while a secretary’s employment is terminated. The call was holding for an hour and a half, so they went ahead and canned her without police. Now they’re in a verbal dispute with the secretary and have once again requested police to help calm the situation.

12;12pm – Boren & Seneca – Patient walked away from the hospital. White male, in a hospital gown

12:35pm – 1710 11th Ave – Residents report there’s a large multi-colored school bus that hasn’t moved in several days, and may have people living inside it.

13:40pm – 700 block 23rd Ave – Request for police to escort a female who needs to retrieve her belongings from a residence.

1:29pm – 28th & Jackson – Person wants to talk to police about Juveniles in Flo Ware Park

2:10pm – 2500 block Eastlake E – Suspicious man flying an airplane (assuming model) at Rogers Playfield

2:29pm – 900 block 28th Ave S – Suspicious Activity – Numerous people in an apartment with 2 juvenile females and drug activity in the neighboring alley. Attempted rape last week, unconfirmed so far.

3:07pm – 27th & Washington – Narcotics Activity at a vacant house

3:12pm – 2700 block Harvard E. – Possible burglary in progress – Caller found back door open, agitated dog

3:16pm – 300 block 14th Ave S – Hit & Run – Offending vehicle is a black sedan, headed southbound

4:27pm – 1600 E. Howell – King County Mental Health requests stand-by for an involuntary commitment

5:25pm – 400 block 12th Ave – Mother requested welfare check of daughter that lives with an abusive boyfriend. She called earlier crying, saying she had been hit. She has previously refused to do anything about the situation.

5:49pm – 500 block Broadway E – Assault – Woman punched in the face. It sounds like she knew the assailant: black male 40, black hat, black jacket

6:43pm – 2600 block E. Thomas – Domestic Disturbance – Caller reports that she can hear fighting and a struggle coming from her neighbor’s residence. Update: This was cancelled after a neighbor checked on the female and found that she was OK. Evidently there was something else going on, but the dispatcher wouldn’t say what it was over the air, other than describing it as a “Happy surprise”.

6:48pm – Male Cop: “Well, we found out who she really is, and it turns out that she has a felony warrant from DOC. So we’re going to book her in KCJ.” Female Cop: “Did she think we wouldn’t find out?” Male Cop: “Well, I guess I’m dumber than I look. Or smarter than I look. One or the other.”

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  1. Now what makes you assume it was a toy? :-)

    2:10pm – 2500 block Eastlake E – Suspicious man flying an airplane (assuming model) at Rogers Playfield