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CD Scanner – 3/17

The St. Patrick’s Day 2008 edition of CD Scanner:

11:20am – “Allegedly Suicidal, well known and famous person calling from the Harborview clinic”

11:47am – 5464 Sandpoint Way NE – Silent holdup alarm at a WAMU branch

12:15pm – Swedish First Hill – Possible car prowler – Swedish security saw a man in their parking garage, apparently casing cars. Black male, 30s, black hat, black clothes, with a bag over his shoulder.

12:18pm – 1800 block of Broadway – Heroin Overdose

1:50pm – 1500 block of Summit – Possible Overdose – Man called 911 and couldn’t stop chuckling, and couldn’t say exactly what was wrong. They finally worked out that he has recently taken drugs and may have overdosed. 30 year old white male, alert & conscious

2:15pm – 23rd & Madison – A dumpster has rolled out into traffic at Madison St. Let’s hope it doesn’t find its way across 23rd to the downhill side of Madison. That could be ugly…

2:37pm – 2100 block Yesler – Domestic Disturbance/Assault – Caller is in a verbal argument with her son. The line was left open and yelling was heard in the background. The son later assaulted the mother, punching her in the mouth

2:55pm – 17th & Thomas – Assault – Caller assaulted by 4-5 subjects from Meany Middle School. Complainant is 12 years old. A good samaritan evidently saw the attack and is waiting with the kid until police arrive.

2:59pm – Eastlake & Fuhrman – Accident with injuries – Vehicle/pedestrian accident with injuries

3:12pm – 400 block 25th Ave S – Domestic Disturbance – Complainant would like the boyfriend removed from the apartment. He’s doing some property damage, and then tried to leave with their child. Caller then hung up before giving any further info

3:41pm – 23rd & Jackson – Assault – Someone assaulted by several people who took off in a Black SUV registered to a Tukwila address. Left westbound. Suspects are the girlfriend’s victims. Sounds like a female involved in the earlier domestic dispute with her boyfriend had called her brother for help, and he loaded up his posse and drove up from Tukwila to give a beating to the boyfriend. Suspect vehicle last seen southbound on MLK.

3:53pm – Yesler Elementary – Missing 9 year old from elementary school. Last seen in class, didn’t meet his ride after school. Update: two kids missing, both black juveniles, one wearing a red hoody, and the other wearing a black/white jacket. Last seen walking together westbound on Yesler. Update x2: 4:29pm – Both kids have been found

4:30pm – 400 block 25th S – Domestic Disturbance – Daughter’s boyfriend went back to the house and “caused some sort of trouble”. Caller is too distraught to give any more details. Open question: will the brother come back to continue the cycle of violence? An later call confirms that the suspects are still present and fighting, and it sounds like some new parties have joined in too.

4:41pm – 3000 block E. Union – Police requested to be on hand while a 55 year old man is involuntarily committed

5:06pm – 1500 Bellevue – Male tenant is in the 2nd floor of the hallway yelling at people & banging his head on the wall. There was a similar incident yesterday and he went voluntarily to Harborview for evaluation.

5:07pm – 2400 block E. Spring – Narcotics Activity – Two black males smoking drugs on the street

6:10pm – 16th & Mercer – 2 missing six-year-olds. White male, brown hair, blue sweat pants. Other kid has curly black hair. Update: 6:13pm Kids found, cops called off

6:12pm – 1718 Bellevue Ave – Man called from a pay phone, saying his buddy is getting beat up real bad

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  1. I Love When They Post The Narcotics Thing, It Cracks Me Up, It’s Also Hilarious How The Kids Were Missing For 3 MINUTES!!!

    The Cops Love Cruisin’ Around The C.D. Looking For People To Mess With It..

    Yep Yep