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Scanner – 2/22

9:33am – 508 Broadway – Disturbance – Business has a belligerent customer that they need removed

12:53pm – 200 block of 20th Ave – Family Disturbance – Caller and aunt are involved in some sort of fight. 7 kids are in the house. Fire dept had problems here a week and a half ago

12:55pm – 1606 17th Ave – Auto accident involving an AMR ambulance. No injuries

1:07pm – 20th & Yesler – Man called 911 from a pay phone screaming – “2 black males, shots fired, shots fired.” An officer is just a few blocks away and said he didn’t hear any shots. Other units arrived quickly and spoke to passersby who didn’t hear or see anything either

1:09pm – 4th & Pine – Someone threw a brick through the window of a fire dept. vehicle. Situation reported as under control

1:25pm – 620 E. Pike – Owner of a stolen bicycle found it at a pawn shop, but the shop owner wouldn’t release it to police for evidence. Supervisors called in to help. Evidently there’s some paperwork process that keeps the pawn shop from selling it while detectives do their thing.

2:35pm – E. Harrison & Malden Ave E – Woman was bitten by a dog 3 months ago, but didn’t file a report. She’s now found the owner and their waiting to speak to police.

3:10pm – Postal worker passing by saw an elderly female trying to get into a house, looking disoriented. Possibly not her house. White female in her 80s with a large blue coat

3:38pm – 26th & Marion – Residential burglar alarm covering kitchen door

3:40pm – 31st & Thomas – Domestic Disturbance – Couple is having an argument in the car, and the girlfriend is refusing to get out. Black toyota Celica – white female, 19

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