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Rooster on the Loose! – Update: Solved!

Found this morning, Mon Feb 11:

Large, healthy silver & grey rooster on the loose on 22nd Ave between Pine and Union. Is he yours?

As of 9:00am, he’s sequestered in our yard. Please contact me if you know where he might belong.

(Here are some photos of the escapee, now back in custody…)

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  1. A picture would be great. Karen, if you have a digital picture, you should be able to attach it to the story. Just click the “Edit This Post” link up in the dark blue box above, click the “Choose a File” button towards the middle of the posting page, and then resubmit the post.

  2. it lives a couple houses north of us I think, or at least they have some chickens. try the one 2 houses north of 1437 22nd Ave, with the red door.

  3. The rooster is back at home!

    He lives with an Ethiopian family on 21st Ave, 4 or 5 houses north of Central Cinema. My husband and I were out asking around, and somebody mentioned a neighbor hunting for a rooster. We knocked on the door to ask, and sure enough, it was the right house!

    We’re relieved to find he’s got a place to go. He’s a handsome, handsome boy, and he settled in with our hens very… er… handsomely. But he sure is NOISY. I’m not sure we were prepared to take on a rooster.

    WE are the folks in the house on 22nd with the chickens and the red door (and the big, red truck, and the wacky painted VW) –
    Kent and Karen. Please stop by and say hello!

  4. There was another rooster crossing Lake Washington Blvd at Mount Baker park on Sunday midday as well. Didn’t realize there was a rash of rooster break outs occuring!

  5. Glad this had a happy ending. But just wondering, did anyone ever find out WHY the Rooster crossed the road?