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Davis-Bell Pleads Not Guilty in Philly’s Murder

Yesterday Rey Alberto Davis-Bell pled not-guilty to multiple charges resulting from the January 30th gun rampage that killed Philadelphia Cheesesteak owner Degene “Safei” Berecha Dashasa, wounded one other man, and narrowly missed a woman and her baby in the West Seattle apartment of Davis-Bell’s ex-girlfriend. Mr. Bell is still held in the King County Jail with bail set at $2 million. He faces up to 131 years in prison if convicted on all counts. His next court appearance is scheduled for April 10th.

More from the Seattle PI and times:

One side of this story that we haven’t heard much from is the restaurant customer who was also shot at 23rd & Union. He is a painter by trade and appears to have just been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Although his family has avoided media attention in the story, we just learned that he is doing much better and was released from Harborview on Wednesday.

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