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CD Scanner – 2/27

From a rainy Wednesday 2/27:

9:29am – 24th & S. Lane – Narcotics Activity – Black male dealing drugs out of a vehicle

9:45am – Broadway & Yesler – Subject on 2nd floor was throwing appliances and other items out of a window on the Yesler side of the building.

12:05pm – 19th & Highland – Disturbance – White male, 20s, intoxicated and creating trouble on a metro bus. Tried to grab the stack of transfers from the driver, and possibly tried to take a swing at the driver before falling down.

12:27pm – 12th & Pine – Officer is contacting a “drinker” who’s evidently enjoying his pastime in front of the E. Precinct. Maybe not the best choice of locations…

1:49pm – Any volunteers for the mail run? (yes, things are that slow today…)

1:54pm – Arboretum Dr. & Foster Rd. – Parking enforcement officer observing a possible car prowl. Asks for patrol car for help. White male “with a red stripe across his head”

2:09pm – 2700 block S. Norman – Police are there to make a warrant arrest

2:50pm – Meany Middle School – 4 juvenile black males trespassing on school property. Now westbound on Thomas St. All 4 were named, and one was said to be known to carry a gun. FYI, there’s been a heavy police presence at the school both Monday and Tuesday of this week.

3:14pm – Broadway & Mercer – Trespassers contacted at Jade Pagoda restaurant

3:36pm – 1701 Broadway – Silent hold-up alarm at the Seattle Central “C” store

3:45pm – 600 block Broadway E. – Transient is trespassing in a building, burning candles, creating a fire hazard. Evidently its an abandoned building. Fire dept requested to come seal door to prevent future entry. He’s also wanted on a warrant and may be charged with burglary and a drug offense (they’re trying to choose from the extensive buffet of things to arrest him for).

3:50pm – 14th & E. Alder – 2nd-hand report from lobby of juvenile court. Mother and her child are there, and want to turn the 17-year-old child in for molestation of the mother’s grandchild.

4:46pm – 404 N 85th – Silent hold-up alarm at Bank of America branch

4:58pm – 2600 block of Eastlake – Not clear what started this, but officers recovered 4 guns from an apartment in this block

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