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CD Scanner – 2/21

10:20am – unknown block of 10th Ave – Mental male is standing on the porch and becoming increasingly agitated. Caller states that mental state has been worsening. White male, 45

10:50am – 20th & E. Republican – Suspicious Circumstances – Man was walking past the Miller Park playground watching children. Later seen hiding in the bushes and talking to himself. White male 40s, large bald spot, jeans, sneakers.

10:57am – 17th & Spring – Disturbance – Possible gang-related graffiti going on the NE corner of the intersection. Not a fight

11:04am – 900 block E. Seneca St. – Man found a 8-inch knife in the bushes, wrapped in a sheet.

11:38am – 1414 Broadway – Transient has been camped out in front of a business for a week, using their parking lot as a restroom. “They’d like her moved along.” Black female, 40s.

11:43am – Olive & Broadway – Disturbance – Black mercedes is disabled in the roadway, and a metro bus driver is kicking at the vehicle, trying to get it to move.

12:11am – 17th & Madison – Disturbance – White male and black male are fighting at a bus stop. The black male has the white male down on the ground and is choking him

12:29pm – 111 25th E – 911 Hangup. A person who lives here is known to police and has a DOC escape warrant

3:22pm – Judkins Park Playground – Property Damage – male seen 4 min ago tearing the bleachers apart. Black male, 30s, black jacket, black pants

4:24pm – Reckless Driver – S. bound on broadway from John – blue buick, plates match a green subaru

4:34pm – 801 23rd Ave S – Two people fighting among a group of kids gathered around. No weapons seen. Cancellation a few minutes later when the crowd dispersed in different directions

4:35pm – S-bound I-5 ramp on James – Uncooperative patient in an ambulance has broken out of his restraints

4:47pm – 703 24th Ave S – Vehicle seen selling drugs to people in the area. Dark older minivan last seen southbound on Lane

4:59pm – 100 block 17th Ave – Screaming woman called 911 but then hung up. Later called back and described a domestic dispute where her boyfriend was upset that she had his car towed. So sensitive…

5:54pm – 23rd & Union – Possibly mental man displayed a gun and took a woman’s purse outside the mid-town center. Black male 19 to mid-20s, brown sweatshirt with “mecca” written in gold, brown pants, missing a tooth. Two suspects, black male gray sweatshirt, red/white hat worked with him. Update There seems to be a lot of confusion from the victim. She’s now saying that there was only one suspect in the brown shirt, and he did not show a gun. Police have identified a possible match at 21st & Union. The victim was brought over and successfully IDd the suspect. Then they took her back to 23rd & Union, and the victim got cold feet and said she didn’t want to press charges because she feared retribution. The suspect had an open $10k warrant for tresspassing at Thompson’s Point of View so they were able to take him in anyway.

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