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Vintage CD

One of our neighbors here in Squire Park has a cool blog called Vintage Seattle that explores the historical architecture of Seattle through old pictures and postcards.

This week we had a chat about a piece of grocery history in the CD and an accompanying mystery:

Are there any old timers out there that might be able to identify the large building at the top of Cherry Hill, to the South of the Immaculate Conception church? It appears to have been sited near 18th & Columbia. Here the picture in question – just follow the horizon to the left from the church, and you’ll see a large mysterious silhouette that doesn’t exist today.

And here are some other cool old pics of 23rd Ave that show what a nice street it was in 1920 (and oh how I wish we still had those trolley tracks…)
23rd Looking South, between Marion & Union
23rd Looking South, from Marion
23rd & Marion, Looking West with old car in view

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