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It’s been a busy couple months here at In addition to covering the news events here in the neighborhood, we’ve been plugging away at some new features for the site.

First, a quick recap of the site’s goals. The most important thing is that is designed to be a grassroots community resource for communicating the news, events, questions, concerns and opinions of the neighborhood. It’s not just a blog where one or a few people broadcast out posts to everyone else. Anyone can join and have full permission to post their own stories. And, each story can be assigned a specific location and neighborhood so that everyone can keep track of what’s happening near them. There’s a lot of stuff that happens around here that never makes it into the newspapers or the TV news. We want this site to fill that gap by allowing anyone to join and tell their own story.

So if you haven’t joined yet, click here to do it today. And if you are already member, don’t be afraid to speak up and create your own post – it’s really easy. Just click the post tab above and start typing away. (also – here’s a helpful video if you’re unsure)

Here’s what we’ve rolled out over the last several days:

  • Event Calendar – There’s a lot of meetings and community events that happen across the neighborhood, so we’ve added a calendar to the site to try and keep track of them all. Now any member can create events that show up on the site’s calendar, so if you’ve got a meeting of event you’d like to publicize, just select the Post an Event option from the Post tab above to get it added.
  • Photo & Video Uploads – Sometimes you don’t have anything to say, but you might have something interesting to share. So we’ve added a way to upload your photos and videos independent of an actual story. You can browse all of the photos and videos, or upload your own.

We’ll be rolling out more features over the next several months, so stay tuned. And if there’s something you’d like to see, please send us an email and let us know.

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