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More Red Light Cameras Coming Soon

The Seattle PI reports that the city is planning to dramatically increase the red-light cameras in the city. Although none of them are right in the CD, there’s several that could get you as you come and go.

Here’s the ones near us:

6th Ave. @ James St., southbound

Boren Ave. @ James St., southbound

Broadway East @ E. Pine St., southbound

23rd Ave. @ E John St, southbound

Rainier Ave. S. @ S. Massachusetts St., northbound

S. McClellan St. @ Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, westbound

0 thoughts on “More Red Light Cameras Coming Soon

  1. Does anyone know if products that cover your license plate to block the camera’s view are illegal? Some states have passed laws against these products. If they are illegal. I recommend PhotoBlocker. It’s a spray that can’t be detected by police at ground level.