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Memorial and Candlelight Vigil Friday – Updated

We have been informed by someone close to the family of Degene “Safei” Barecha that a Candlelight Vigil/Non-Violence Demonstration for the victims of yesterday’s shooting at Philly’s will be held at 23rd and Union Friday, February 1st at 5:00pm. Whether or not you knew the victim, it would be nice for the neighborhood to show our respect. This is a great opportunity for people to organize efforts to fight this kind of violence.

UPDATE: I just added a flyer below that you can print out and post in your area. Please spread the word so we can show our support to the family and make our presence known in that troubled intersection.

0 thoughts on “Memorial and Candlelight Vigil Friday – Updated

  1. We’ll be there and we’ll make sure to knock on a few of our neighbors door to join us.

  2. I’ll be there – this is important for the family, for the neighborhood, for the city. But this is only a first step.

  3. you are right this is only the first step. but the first step is to bring attention to this problem. we need to let business owners in the area know that they have some support from the community to deal with the intimidation they recieve from these useless individuals. safei stood up for his business, and in turn stood up for the entire neighborhood. he said, no you can not push me around, you can not use my establishment for selling your drugs, loitering, and being useless.

    what kind of world did this man live in that he felt he could claim safei’s business that he had pulled out of a difficult situation (with the last owners passing, r.i.p.) all on his own? safei carried philly’s on his back, and worked hard every single day. the only thing he is guilty of is sticking up for himself…

    please join us tonight, for moments of silence for Safei and anyone else affected by violence. tell everyone in the neighborhood that is down for the cause. lets shut down 23rd and bring attention to our streets!

  4. I heard on the news that the family is trying to raise money to send his body to Ethiopia. Anyone know where to donate?


  5. If you would like to make donations, they can be made at any Bank of America branch to the Degene Fund (acct #35678655)