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King5 Covers CD Gang Violence

King5’s Linda Brill did a story tonight on the gang violence we’ve recently seen in the neighborhood. Most interestingly, she reports that there’s some new laws that the state legislature will take up this year to try and address the issue of school-age kids getting caught up in the gangs.

The new laws would:

  • Forbid gang assembly in high-crime areas
  • Create a state-wide gang database
  • Increase sentences for adults 18 who recruit gang members

And kudos to superchicken! His Her YouTube sleuthing was used by Brill in her piece.

0 thoughts on “King5 Covers CD Gang Violence

  1. Following the King 5 story, the YouTube video was removed by the user, and Mr.Benjamin’s mySpace page removed any mention of this track.

  2. this sucks that most of news coming out of the CD lately has been about violent gangs & increased shootings. just when the CD seemed to be catching a better rep compared to the “80’s & 90’s”, news like this just drags our area all the way down. however, as much as this is a part of reality here in the CD, i guess the silver lining is that this problem is being recognized and something is actually being done about it. only time will tell but i sure hope things don’t get any worse before they get better.

    curious to know how other CD folks are reacting to all this? do you have faith this area will turn over a new leaf? or are you counting down your days left here in CD with one foot already out the door?

  3. I think the thing to remember is that the objective data shows that things are much safer in the CD than 10 years ago. That data also shows that we’re safer than neighboring areas on Capitol Hill and South Seattle. But we’ve had this recent spike in gun violence that definitely puts us all on edge.

    Having been here for 10 years, I can say that these things come is waves, and often highly localized ones. Things change a lot depending on properties chaning hands, tenants coming and going, etc. But the long-term trend is still up.