0 thoughts on “Deuce 8 On Mine

  1. i think it’s funny how this same rapper received a governor’s award a few years back for community involvement & promoting “positive lyrics.” oh well, i guess now this is what sells (no pun intended)

  2. Notice the shots & mentions of Deano’s? Also there’s a shot of the old Oscar’s II that used to be where the Twilight Exit is now. Oh Deano’s & Oscars, how 23rd & Union misses you…

    The beloved AM/PM makes the cut too.

    Anyone know where that convenience store in the video is located?

  3. That looks like the store on Yesler, at 25th or 26th.

    I sometimes buy Camel Lights and Red Bull there.

  4. The artist, Mr.Benjamin, has a record company called Deuce 8 Records. There is another Deuce 8 MySpace page that mentions rival gang LP (Low Profile) in the title. They also have a track embedded in the page with an LP taunt listed as the title. This page has 100 friends. Most are under the age of 18 and there are many pics of them stacking (gang signs).

  5. they let anyone make a music video these days! -besides, how you gonna claim a street corner anyways!? ??

  6. This YouTube video was removed by the user. And Mr.Benjamin’s mySpace page has removed any mention of this track.