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CD Scanner – 1/28

From a snowy and quiet Monday 1/28 –

10:15am – Harborview – One patient made a threat of violence against another

10:21am – 1800 E. Olive – Disturbance outside Seattle Mental Health – Two black males fighting

10:38am – 500 17th Ave – Disturbance between security & a shoplifter at Providence hospital

12:24pm – 900 block 26th Ave – Man appears to be casing homes in the area. White male, 20s, gray hoodie

12:38pm – 600 block 21st Ave – Disturbance – Several people got into a pushing match in front of a house. Half of the group headed off to the south, and the other half went back into the house.

12:47pm – 15th & Jefferson – Officer dealing with “a very large stray animal”.

1:11pm – 1700 block E. Spruce – Two youths broke into the caller’s yard, and then ran down the street and entered a house

1:34pm – 14th & S. Lane – Goodwill has shoplifter in custody. Suspect has numerous open warrants

1:54pm – 1800 block E. Pine – Manger of apartment is arguing with two unknown females in front of the building

3:24pm – 1400 block 34th Ave – Narcotics Activity – black male and black female in their 30s smoking narcotics in a laudromat

3:42pm – DWI Driver, headed northbound on 12th Ave in a Chevy Impala

4:18pm – 12th & Jefferson – Got a jaywalker (woo. hoo.)

0 thoughts on “CD Scanner – 1/28

  1. Man, maybe it’s time for me to check out Goodwill. With five shoplifters a week, they must have some pimp threads!

    Maybe after the Dearborn Project pours money into them, they can hire full-time security and let our cops get back to those little drug and gang problems.

  2. Yeah, that’s pretty low ripping off a charity thrift store. Maybe there isn’t any thrill left in stealing from the collection plates at church, too easy and bush-league. They’re taking it up a notch.

  3. There’s at least one shoplifting event there per day. Today alone there was probably 4 (only typed up the most interesting one).

    The only store that gives them a run for their money is the QFC at Broadway & Pike. They average one every other day.