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CD Scanner 1/16

Here’s what’s happening on Wednesday 1/16:

9:44am – 100 Melrose E – Disturbance in an apartment. Man and woman are yelling, man is holding woman down on the floor.

11:59am – 600 block of 12th Ave S – Assault – Female came in for a CAT scan of her head, turns out that injury was the result of an assault. Her boyfriend & suspected assailant was there with her and started to become agitated. Suspect left the building before police arrived – Black male, 30’s, walked West from the building.

12:04pm – 1500 block of 13th Ave – Child calling 911 from a cellphone, asking if it is a doctor. Unable to communicate further. GPS on the phone can only locate it down to a block.

12:22pm – 100 block of Broadway E. – Group of 5 intoxicated persons, harassing customers and passers by

1:17pm – 427 12th Ave – 2 black males in a physical in front of a convenience store. Police found 1 20-year old male with injuries to his face. Aid rolled to help

1:19pm – 417 E. Broadway – Shoplifter in custody at QFC

1:34pm – 1700 23rd – Male has been texting the complainant and threatening to shoot him. The two were acquainted several years ago, but haven’t spoken recently. Male is thought to be on the way over for a visit

1:35pm – 1300 12th Ave – Family Disturbance – Complainant wants his son and son’s friends removed from the premises

1:39pm – 400 Block of 26th S. – Wire down across the road

1:39pm – Volunteer Park, near the amphitheater – White male is throwing snowballs, yelling loudly, and harassing other park goers

2:26pm – Broadway & E. Jefferson – Disturbance on a Metro bus – Black female hitting the driver

2:45pm – 23rd & E. Thomas – Group of kids throwing snowballs

3:14pm – 1500 block 18th Ave – Disturbance – Woman screaming at people from her apartment window

3:37pm – 1800 block Broadway – Someone locked themselves in King’s Teriyaki’s bathroom

3:38pm – 300 block 11th Ave – Disturbance – 8-9 people standing outside drinking

3:55pm – 100 block of 13th Ave – Disturbance – a known drug dealing male is yelling at a female. The caller reports that the drug dealer is also “known to carry a big stick”. (So, speak very loudly and also have a big stick to back it up.)

4:22pm – 300 block of 26th Ave – Narcotics activity

5:12pm – Thomas and John – A business owner is robbed by a 5’11 white male with black ski mask, tan jacket. The suspect might be an acquaintance of the business owner.

5:14pm – Dick’s on Broadway – Two men fighting

5:31pm – 100 block of Broadway E – Transient is in a business threatening the owner because the owner woke him up. Subject has a history of violence in similar situations.

5:50pm – 23rd & Union – Narcotics activity

6:20pm – Rainier Ave Burger King – In the drive-in, situation with 2 males in a car, one occupant of the car has a history of pulling handguns on police. Unclear what the root problem was. Vehicle was searched and found to be clear.

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