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Nice Construction

If you look around at some of the new construction around the neighborhood, it won’t take long to find examples that don’t fit in and others that are just plain unattractive. But in the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, I’ve been very impressed with three new houses that have gone up on 20th Avenue between Cherry & James.

From the large, street-friendly porches to the small deck-topped single car garages, they look like classic houses that have been around for 80 years. And best of all, they don’t look like they’re trying to fake anything.

Of course at $879,000, their price seems a bit unrealistic. We’ll watch and see how they do on the sales front.

0 thoughts on “Nice Construction

  1. Yes, I agree that these are the best of the new houses being developed in this neighborhood. But almost $900,000!!! Get real! For this neighborhood?? The only way that we can keep prices lower in this area is to NOT buy over-priced houses. But, as long as people keep paying, the prices will continue going higher and higher. Its a shame.