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Assault and Robbery “not a priority” for the East Precinct

In October of this year a resident of Spring Street near MLK heard a disturbance on the front porch of his home. Upon investigation, he discovered and apparently intoxicated individual attempting to steal a mountain bike locked to the railing of the porch. When confronted by the victim, the assailant threatened with a large stick, swinging it repeatedly. The resident then retreated inside and called 911, reporting a robbery in progress at his home, whereupon he was told a squad car would be dispached.

Over an hour later when the police had still not arrived, the assailint long gone, with the bicycle, having broken the railing on the porch in the process, the victim called 911 again. When he inquired as to why the police had not arrived, he was informed by the dispatcher that his emergency was simply “not a priority” for the police. After an additional 45 minutes, a squad car arrived. The officer took a statment from the victim and left.

The bicycle has not been recovered and no further apparent action has been taken by the police.

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  1. Since I have lived in the CD I have come to learn that unless guns are involved, the SPD isn’t very concerned. There have been numerous times that we have called the police to respond to drug dealing and assaults, and they always respond a good 45 min to an hour later. None of the cases involved guns. But, a few months ago there was shooting in West Seattle and in the CD thought to have been committed by the same guy driving a white car. Just minutes after the CD shooting, about 15 police officers, one with an assault rifle, pulled over a white sedan and ordered the man out at gun point. They cuffed him, asked questions and looked at ID for about 30 min. They decided that they had the wrong guy and let him go. So, I guess that the real gunman got away. Quick response, but wrong guy.