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Car Hits Baby Stroller on 23rd Ave

This morning at 10:48am, a mom and grandmother were crossing 23rd when a black ford focus lost control, hit their 18 month old baby’s stroller, and dragged it with the baby across the street, where it crashed into a home’s retaining wall.

Construction workers at a concrete job across the street saw the whole thing happen and rushed over to pull the baby out from under the car. The workers couldn’t see any obvious signs of trauma to the baby in spite of the violent nature of the crash. The baby was reportedly taken to harborview, where he will be kep over night for observation.

Police report that the 47 year-old driver will be cited for the incident.

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  1. King 5 reports that the Police feel the baby has no life threatening injuries, which is hard to believe when you see the stroller! Man, they’re really lucky that it wasn’t worse. Those construction workers saved this baby’s life!! I wonder why the lady lost control? I live on 23rd ave and always worry that someone will smash into my living room.