Man found outside 22nd/Madison Safeway died of ‘natural causes’

Before Christmas, Central District News reported on an incident involving an apparently homeless man found dead outside the E Madison Safeway on the morning of Thursday, December 19th.

Unusually cold Seattle weather and the circumstances of the man found dead in his wheelchair concerned many readers who had written or called us to find out more about the medic and police response that morning.

According to the King County Medical Examiner, Eric R. Leigh died on the 19th of heart disease. He was 56. Central District News doesn’t know much more about the man but we wanted to update the details given the concern the initial report generated.

One thought on “Man found outside 22nd/Madison Safeway died of ‘natural causes’

  1. Megan, thank you for update. I am now curious about if there is way to tell if being cold played a role. According to the American Heart Association heart failure causes most deaths in hypothermia.