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Get involved in creating interactive public art for the CD

The CD Public Art Coalition is gearing up for the next phase of our project to create interactive public art in the CD. Our vision is to create art that incorporates a component encouraging neighbors to communicate with each other.

We are looking for CD residents that would like to join our Steering Committee to help make our projects a reality. Steering Committee members will be responsible for fundraising and managing the art projects. We anticipate meeting in person quarterly, with most communication via email.

If you are interested in helping us turn a concept into reality, contact Mary Pat DiLeva via our Web site.

One thought on “Get involved in creating interactive public art for the CD

  1. We should have a giant rock that people can paint. Class gratuations, proposals, birthday wishes. Just a big bolder that people can slop paint all over. Bumpkins all over the country do it. We need this simple form brought into the city.