Burglary Roundup: Equipment stolen from Langston Hughes Center, Bush School

May 26, 17th and Yesler

Several tools and pieces of equipment were stolen from the basement of the under-construction Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, according to the police report. The glass of a basement door was found broken May 28, and the stolen property belonged to several contractors that are working on the center. The officer dusted for fingerprints, but found none.

The Center closed last year to get a $3.3 million renovation and seismic upgrade. The project website now says the building should open in January 2012:

The facility is closed through 2011 to accommodate planned seismic and electrical renovations along with architectural improvements to the interior. The primary consultant for these improvements is Ron Wright and Associates. Construction has been awarded to Andersen Construction, and is now underway.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Essential structural upgrades to the dome, including steel reinforcement and additional concrete support columns.
  • Improved electrical systems.
  • Improved sound system.
  • ADA improvements to restrooms and other locations within the facility.
  • Fire safety improvements.
  • A variety of architectural improvements throughout the facility.

May 31, 34th and E Harrison

Many items, including a riding lawn mower, were stolen from Bush School sometime between May 27 and May 31, according to the police report. The thieves gained access to the school property by cutting the fence near the school buses. They then broke into a ground floor parking garage and stole many the items. Because of the large number of things stolen and the size of some of the items (such as the riding lawnmower), police believed the thieves must have used a large vehicle or multiple vehicles in the heist.

May 28, 28th and Jefferson

Several bicycles and a flat-screen TV were stolen from the victims’ shed and basement while he was out of town for a couple days, according to the police report. He said he did have a family member watching the house, but the thefts were not discovered until he returned home.

Officers noted that a TV had been recovered May 26 near 32nd and Spring, and several bicycles were there, too. The TV was returned to the victim, but the bicycles had not been claimed by officers as they did not have evidence they had been stolen. Officers returned to the residence on Spring and also checked in with the suspects, but no bicycles were located.

May 28, 19th and Union

Two residents reported that they returned home after being out only two hours to find their front door close, but unlocked. Inside, a flat screen TV, several laptops, a Nintendo Wii and a bag were missing, with values totaling over $2,000.

June 6, 30th and Columbia

A reader reports that his home was robbed while he was in his back yard. Read his report.

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