Neighborhood shutterbugs, join the Central District Flickr pool

Brass Letter
, originally uploaded by BlinkingCharlie.

Nothing tells a story better than a great photograph. And there are a lot of stories to tell in the Central District. To share more of these stories with you — and help us tell them better — CDN is embracing a neighborhood community asset: the friendly neighborhood Central District (Seattle) Flickr pool .

Neighbor Kimberley writes:

i’d love it if you wanted to post something about this :)

feel free to reuse any photos from it w/permission of the photographer too

We’ll go you one better, Kimberley. We’re also making the pool a part of the site. On the homepage, you’ll now find a badge showing the latest additions to the pool. We plan to be part of — and utilize — the pool per the Flickr community guidelines. If we choose something of yours — like the great picture of an icy reminder of last week’s cold from BlinkingCharlie — and you’d rather we not, just let us know at [email protected] and we’ll replace it immediately. We’re also not above paying for your work! Let us know if you’re interested in taking on photo assignments for the neighborhood. We hope the pool becomes a useful and entertaining way to share images of the neighborhood and showcase the work of some of the best photographers — and the rest of us.

Here’s a slideshow from the pool to inspire you.

0 thoughts on “Neighborhood shutterbugs, join the Central District Flickr pool

  1. So glad to see this being embraced. We live in a very photogenic place. It’s great to see it taken up by my creative neighbors.