Seattle PI: Man busted in 12th and Jefferson sex assault last summer faces ‘third strike’

A man arrested for a sexual assault in an alley near Jefferson and 12th near Seattle U in late August 2009 now faces two sets of charges that could put him in jail for life. From the Seattle PI:

Already a facing robbery charges that could prompt the same result, Chester Ramon Wiggins could face a mandatory life sentence if convicted on the second-degree assault charges now brought against him.

Prosecutors contend Wiggins bit, beat and kicked a woman on Aug. 27, 2009, in a Capitol Hill alley after she refused to have sex with him and a friend of his.

According to charging documents, the woman had contacted Wiggins at 12th Ave and East Jefferson Street in an attempt to buy cocaine. Wiggins, who was a stranger to her, got in her car and directed her to a nearby alley, where he allegedly demanded sex.

When she refused, a Seattle detective told the court, Wiggins dragged her from the car then began choking and beating her.

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