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Man reports being shot in the leg at 23rd and Jackson

A confusing situation at 23rd and Jackson, where police responded in force to a report of a man who had just been shot in the leg at the bus stop next to Starbucks.

Upon investigation, police found that the shooting actually happened yesterday, and was just being reported today.

It is not yet known how the victim was shot or who did it, and it’s possible that it was accidental or self-inflicted.

When we arrived we found the victim in cuffs, face down, being searched by police. An ambulance arrived and the victim, tears steaming down his face, was loaded up and taken away for treatment.

Police are continuing their investigation, interviewing friends of the victim who are at the scene.

0 thoughts on “Man reports being shot in the leg at 23rd and Jackson

  1. To be fair, if he was in cuffs and being searched it is quite likely he had a history of presenting a threat to officers, was armed, or had warrants for violent offenses.

  2. to be fair, one does NOT have to have a hx of posing a threat to officers, nor be armed, nor have warrants to be cuffed and searched. This happens (or should happen) when a law enforcement officer responds to a situation where there has been reported gunshots/weapons on scene….

  3. Doesn’t sound though like there was a report of gunshots on the scene, but instead a man with a gunshot wound at the bus stop…right? I dunno what went out over the scanner. Maybe someone else does.

  4. The original 911 call suggested a shooting that had just occurred, hence the large response as police assumed that there was an assailant somewhere in the area