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Lost Dog Basenji ???

I live in the Mt Baker area and there has been a lost dog in the neighborhood for about a week now.  It has a purple collar and is brown and white.  No one has been able to get near it.  It is hanging around the Cascadia, Mioposto area.  Anyone recognize it?  Looks like the picture but darker brown.

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  1. I do basenji rescue. If there is any way you can put out a live trap, or contact the humane society, I will help you
    rehome this boy, after we look for an owner.
    There is a large basenji group in the PNW area. If you could get a photo, someone might even be able to recognize this boy.

  2. You’ll first make all efforts to find his current home. A Vet can scan and see if he is chipped. Additionally it would be worth checking craigslist, the newspaper’s (Ha!) classifieds etc.