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Apartment shot up at 14th & Spruce

According to a recently released police report found on, on March 6th residents in the 1400 block of Spruce were awoken by the sound of gunshots that struck one apartment, causing $500 worth of damage. Everyone in the house was asleep at the time and no one was injured.

The bullets struck the front window 3 times and the front door once, with all four rounds lodging inside an interior wall.

No suspects were seen, and the victim residents did not have any suspect information.

Here’s the text of the report:

On 03-06-10 Officer Okruhlica and I were working a two officer unit as
3G12. At approximately 0235 hours we responded to the area of 14 AV and E
Spruce St for a report of shots heard(10- . An area check was
completed and nothing suspicious was found. We did not locate any shell
casings, damage or victims in the area. One caller said they saw a dark
colored suburban driving out of the area but officers were unable to locate
any vehicle matching the description.
At 0307 hours C/  called 911 stating she had 3-4 bullet holes
in her apartment, 14  E Spruce St . She said she was too scared to call
earlier when the original shots call came out. Inside of her apartment at
the time of the incident were: , ,
, and . All individuals were asleep at the time and none of
them were injured. They all stated they had no idea who would want to shoot
at their apartment or try and harm them. They also did not have any suspect
The front window of the apartment had three bullet holes through it. The
front door had a single bullet hole through it. Inside we observed four
separate holes in the living room wall. We were able to recover two of the
four bullets and submitted them to evidence. Pictures were taken of the
scene and were submitted for processing at the SPD photo lab.
The estimated damage was $500 to replace the window and door and fix the
holes in the wall.

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