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Street sign of the times: Get yours for $10

Last night’s story about Pony and their new deck that is sided with old street signs was a good reminder of something I’ve been meaning to write about for a while. I’ve noticed more and more Central District street signs are being switched out and upgraded to the shiny new fiberglass models. It’s all part of the Bridging the Gap street repair levy we approved a couple of years ago.

Did you know you can buy the old aluminum signs from the city? They’ve got a full list of which signs are available, and if you see one you like, just go down to the city surplus warehouse at 3807 Second Ave. S (just south of the Spokane St. viaduct) and you can get them for $5-$10 each. But be patient if you see the ones on your block were recently switched out. The warehouse staff tells me that it takes a couple of months for the old signs to make their way from the transportation department to the surplus store. Call or email the warehouse if you have any questions.

Here at CDNews World HQ we recently got one with that matched the name of a family member and sent it back east. They loved it, and we’ll be going back through the list for Christmas gift ideas.

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  1. the signs around where i live really need to be replaced… their reflective qualities are terribly diminished making them very difficult to see.

  2. We were checking that site for over a year until finally we saw that they had what we were looking for. Our basement is now adorned with street signs with the names of my high school (Roosevelt Way) and my wife’s (Garfield St) – for just $5 each! And yeah, we got a couple with the names of family members as well. That shop where they’re selling the signs is pretty neat to check out — they have all sorts of random surplus stuff for sale (lots of cheap computer equipment, furniture, etc).