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Preserve.!3{2}Don’t Demolish.

This short article from the New York Times seems relevant to several articles posted on CD News recently. Retaining older homes and the common sense methods that can enhance the energy efficiency is a green solution. Tearing this existing stock down is a waste of resources and energy. New buildings constructed with window frames to hold storm windows and new designs for storm windows to fit many type of frames might be an idea. A friend mentioned that a coating for window insulation is also being developed.

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  1. I rebuilt my 1921 home for energy efficiency. I heat it to 62-64 degrees in the winter, and my total annual energy bill is $120, while $35 of that is for reading the meter.
    Cellulose insulation was installed in the walls, then 2″ of rigid foam was added to the inside of the walls. The windows were replaced with low e coated double glazing. The ceiling has 5′ of rigid foam. The doors were replaced with ones I made by adding a 7/8″ layer of rigid foam to a solid core door.
    The basement is insulated with 2 inches of foam to 4 feet below grade outside.
    The house is very air tight and uses a heat recovery ventilator that recovers about 85% of the heat from the air leaving the house.
    A split ductless heat pump heats and cools the house. It’s about 2.5 times more energy efficient than electric heat.
    If I installed a 2KW solar system taking up half the South roof I would have a surplus of energy.