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Neighborhood University

The Colman Neighborhood Association (CNA) is pleased to announce the launch of the Neighborhood University.

N’hood U is a project that came out of the recent Neighborhood Conference, hosted by the CNA, with participation from surrounding neighborhood groups.

N’hood U is dedicated to the proposition that life long learning is an adventure that should be available to all.  It is a gathering of teachers and learners originating in the Colman neighborhood and open to anyone seeking to engage with others in further learning; and, everyone involved believes learning should be fun.

Classes being offered are:  A Crash Course in the Economy; Bicycle Driver Training; Carpentry; Cooking for Kids; Guitar Equipment for Beginners; Vocal Improv; Knitting for Beginners; Personal Writing for Others; Sharing our Favorite Public Poems/Poets.

N’hood U is hosting a blog site at N’hood U that lists course offerings, times, dates, locations, instructor bios, and email addresses and phone numbers for individual instructors.

Comments may be left on the blog site suggesting changes, improvements, or new offerings, but if anyone is interested in a class, they must contact the instructor.  


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  1. why on earth would you wonder that? oh, the original post was April 1. someone else suggested it might be a joke, so I reposted with today’s date. what a strange world we live in.

  2. Wonderful photo of Leschi friend and neighbor with her earthball, guaranteed to be seen more as the weather gets better. The equator goes on the ball today.