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From Seattle’s East Precinct, Thursday, January 8, 2008

0 thoughts on “Shooting

  1. We just saw 4 cop cars park on Columbia @ 23rd, and 8 police people walk south on 23rd. I wonder what’s going on?

  2. I went back to the scanner recordings and couldn’t find much. Three 490 units all logged in to the same call, but no one said what it was. I’m not sure if they are gang or drug squad…

  3. what’s a 490 unit? I assume “under cover” because there were unmarked cars in the parade…

  4. All police units have different call signs. Three of the ones involved last night were something like 492, 494, and 495. Those are different than normal patrols (which would be 1George2, 3Edward3, 2Charlie, etc), and are from one of the specialty squads like drugs, gangs, vice, etc. But I’m not sure which specialty they belong to.