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Spray painted Volvo Sedan on 24th @ Olive

For the past couple of mornings, I have seen a lovely white, newer-model Volvo sedan parked on the west side of 24th @ Olive near the YMCA. The hood was been spray painted with blue paint: There’s a star of David and the words “J Crew.” I don’t have a picture or the license plate, but my gut feeling is that this is an abandoned/stolen car.

If there are any readers in that neighborhood who can vouch for this car, or can help by reporting it (it hasn’t moved in days), I think that’s probably the right thing to do. I am always rushing to work when I see and remember it too late.

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  1. The car has been parked around there for a long time (at a year or so). I think it’s just graffati not an abandoned car. It has Texas license plates and I’m pretty sure it belongs to someone on that block.

  2. It’s an unfortunate paint job addition. Thanks for chiming in. I was going to call it in today if I hadn’t heard anything.